It’s a Toronto MUST see/do and only four days into my work trip,  Hilary at the office offered me some tickets to THE game, which meant going to the Rogers stadium and watching The Blue Jays. For those that have no idea who they are, click on this link:-

Situated in the Sky Done, located underneath the famous landmark that is the  CN tower. You can’t miss the landmark in this city.

It’s the North American version of Rounders but with better outfits, and more jeopardy.  So we went off to see The Jays play the Chicago White Socks.  My partner in crime was Millan, who kindly offered to talk me through the game as it played out. Which left me I would say really knowledgable at the end.

We left the office and headed on down a little early to allow ourselves enough time to sample some local beer (The Canadians love their beer) and the big beef Blue Jay hotdogs. It’s a baseball staple and I couldn’t believe that after buying our dinner for the night there was a kosher stand next door!!! It’s soo rare to see sigh … Next time.

After being handed the dog it was time to hit the condiment Bar,  which amazed me.But you see when faced with a free condiment Bar,  I mean in the UK this would never happen I went wild.  Pickled red cabbage, banana peppers,  relish,  not one but two types of mustards, BBQ sauce,  ketchup,  it just blew my mind.  So all of it went on  the hot dog.

In hindsight I didn’t need all of the toppings, so then I found myself carrying the hotdog and now beer to our seats in the third baseline. I could barely sit down let alone eat the God damn thing.  I also then spilt relish down my new dress. Gave up two thirds through  eating and the rest fell on the floor.  By that time I was done with the dog anyway.

The hotdog was perhaps a 5/10 buy the game a 10/10. The Jays won 7-0 and I got a full on low down from Millan on the rules of the game.  In the excitement of a dramatic baseball I got up to cheer and spilt the beer,  however seeing that the Canadians are just the most delightful people no one even minded.

And best of all I left with a free hat given to me as a gift as a welcome to Canada. All in all a win win not just for the Blue Jays but for me too.

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