As we hit that time of year where we have to crank up the heating, I know it is time to bring out the slow cooker. I love that it can monitor a low heat and gently braise the meat until it’s pull apart tender.

Years ago in the UK short ribs were barely heard of, but now a USA import they are a regular at the Butchers, supermarkets and even restaurant menus. But they are incredibly easy to cook at home and will cost you a fraction of the price.

Since I work in TV and video IS what everyone is doing these days, I thought why not give it a go myself. I mean I used to be the other side of the camera making sure it all made sense. So here I am in my kitchen rustling up this mega tasty dish – one hand holding the camera. The other actually cooking. I only burnt myself once. Result.

One comment

  • British TV definitely needs you in front of the camera, not behind it. Keith Floyd would be proud of you. In fact, I’ll ask him! You know I can…

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