Hello and thanks for stopping by my blog. 

In a nutshell I adore all things food, cooking and eating. I find it relaxing, thought provoking and a general joy of life. Every other output in my bank balance is money being spent in a supermarket or food purveyor so I can assure you I am no fraud.

As a self-labelled food bore, my nearest and dearest are frequently invited over to my flat (purchased primarily for the kitchen) to sample my food wares that I turn into social gatherings).

By day I am a Development Executive in tv. What does this mean? Well, it is  where you get to come up with and pitch new television shows. Over my career, I have worked on many different programmes both here in the UK, LA and Toronto. For a long time, I worked in Food television, producing it and working with lots of amazing food talent.  I felt very lucky to work with Gordon Ramsay for seven years on shows such as Kitchen Nightmares UK, F Word before working in the US on Hell’s Kitchen for 7 seasons, Kitchen Nightmares USA and Masterchef.

I co-wrote ‘Gordons Great Escape Southeast Asia’,
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Gordons-Great-Escape-Southeast-Asia/dp/0007267045 a cookbook showcasing 100 of the tastiest dishes from Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam. I feel honoured to have co-written the book for such a culinary legend.

I also worked with other well known culinary legends such asClarissa Dickson Wright, Thomasina Miers, Richard Corrigan, Graham Elliot, Adam Richardson and Giles Coren. But I also have worked on consumer shows for Channel 4, BBQ Champ for ITV and a raft of other programmes.

So what IS Jew-ish?

Being Jew-ish means I am jewish by culture more than being religious. My parents raised me Jewish and to keep Kosher for many years until I simply couldn’t feel that restricted anymore. It was a delectable Lobster dish that finally made me cave in.

Being Jewish plays strongly into my cooking inspired by both my parents and their grandparents which you will see represented in many of my recipes. I rarely combine meat and milk and have over the years perfected cooking dairy-free meals for my kosher friends and my mum. Therefore, I refer to myself as Jew-ish as I love the culture and symbolism of the religion, but am not observant. 

So welcome to my world, my blog, my madness and more …

Loz x

Do you have any Foodie Questions you would like to answer? Do you need ideas for a dinner party? or just want to get in touch, please use the form below. 

PS. Here is me in action hosting a supper club for the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation


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